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Add:       Simen,Yuyao,
E-mail 1: qiaopu@qiaopu.com
E-mail 2: 13655788227@163.com
Contact: simon xia
Tel:       +86-13655788227
Fax:     +86-574-62160106
P.C:     315472
Website: www.qiaopucompany.com

Product Catalogue
QIAOPU Europe VDE plug
America UL plug with cable
UK BS 1363 plug with cable
Australia SAA plug with ca
Italy IMQ plug with cable
Kore KC plug with cable
Japan PSE plug with cable
Argentina IRAM plug with c
Swiss SEV plug with cable
South Africa plug with cab
Brazil and Israel plug
China CCC plug with cable
Denmark and Sweden plug
qiaopu Industrial Plug
IEC connector plug with ca
Wire harness
Australia extension cord
American extension cord
Rubber cable
luxurious powerbroad with
Contact Us


    NingBo Qiaopu Electric Co.,Ltd.      


    Simen town,Yuyao city£¬Zhejiang province£¬ China


    simon xia  £¨Manager£©







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   Customer service hotline :+86-574-62163309
   If you told me Secretary of service comments and suggestions, you can contact us and we will give you back as soon as possible.
   If you want to learn more about my Secretary of products and services, please call communications, guidance here!

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